Saturday, 14 August 2010

TeeFury Debrief


Yesterday has to be one of the most hectic and exciting days ever. Not only did I move into my new house in Newcastle, but also my Tshirt on TeeFury sold 2239 times! Was a fantastic print run, and also it got Pancakes! Pancakes meaning its a "hot seller" or something. Still, look how cute he is!

I fully expect everyone who bought a tee to send me a picture of them wearing it to just so it proves you actually did buy them and its not my imagination.

Also I was running two competitions to win 4 of my posters yesterday! Was going to give away 2 but the response was so huge that I decided to give out a few more :) Two on the TeeFury comments, and the other was two on my Twitter by tweeting a hashtag at me. The Winners of them where:

Jadellyn and wbuthod from TeeFury
@englamericann and @UlyssesOnion

Congratulations to them! Posters will be printed off and sent off as soon as possible.

Some stats from yesterday:
781 Comments on the site
241 Competition entrants
peaked at 180 tees in an hour

Can't wait to see people actually wearing one of my designs.

Thanks go to Jimiyo for curating my tee and helping me get the design print ready and for all his encouragement, Franki for helping me pick the winners, my new followers on Twitter and the TeeFury community for all their comments



Camille Samson said...

On your Twitter you said you'll be starting on an Amy Pond shirt. Hurray! Do you know when and how you are thinking of releasing it and how we can buy it? :D

Mel x said...

2239 times? wow, that's quite amazing!

so you did alright out of it then! ;)

Mike said...

Any chance you'll be selling this t-shirt in another venue? I'd love to get my hands on one.


Camille Samson said...

I got your Doctor Who shirts (I had bought two). They look spectacular in person! Loving the design of your Doctor Who stuff, it's iconic and not tacky like some of the other stuff out there. I'm proud to wear it.

Anonymous said...

Seconding what Mike said, are you going to be selling this fantastic shirt anywhere else? I missed it and would like to buy several but I was TOO slow at Teefury. I think you could make even more of a killing doing various Doctor Who shirts and hoodies!

Izzy said...

I was absolutely gutted as I missed out on this tshirt by a couple of hours. Is there any chance you would be selling it again somewhere else? Because I'm sure if you did, many other people would still want to buy it!

And congratulations on selling so many!

ameba graphics said...

Hey guys :D

Unfortunatly I do not have the means to screen print my Doctor Who shirts anywhere near the quality that TeeFury offered. But as soon as I do I will let you all know :)