Friday, 13 August 2010

Doctor Who on TeeFury!

Good Morning!

Woke up this morning with two hundred new followers on Twitter and several new followers to this blog! Hello to everyone new!

So, My T Shirt design is on TeeFury NOW! :D

I have to say Jimiyo has done a fantastic conversion job on this one. The colours are very dynamic and really stand out. If you are a Doctor Who fan and love that Tomorrowland Optimism, then you will love todays T-shirt!

Not only that, But there is a competition to win one of 3 Doctor Who Posters! One in the TeeFury comments, and Two on Twitter!

For the one on TeeFury, simply leave comment on the poster, and on Twitter simply tweet @ameba2k #canihavethatdoctorwhoposterplease or Retweet some of my competition updates throughout the day with that particular hashtag! Good Luck!

Having a brilliant day already! Look forward to reading everyones comments about it! :D



Jacqueline said...

Amazing Design!
I don't have paypal here in my country, but definitly trying to get a friend to let me her VISA card.
I'm a Doctor Who fan from across the world and your tshirt is a MUST have.
Love the colours and composition too much!
Please keep the wonderful work =)

Philip Clark said...

Love, love, love this. I might need to ask you about rates.

StevieB said...

Awesome bud, I just bought it.

Pili said...

I really love the tee (I got two) but I have to say I love the Amy poster even more!

Laura said...

I'm so so sad I missed this on Teefury! I watch that site almost every day too, but didn't check it today until 1am! T_T

I love the design. Do you sell these posters anywhere? Obviously, I'd rather have the shirt, but I guess you won't be offering it again?


Anonymous said...

Oh no! I can't believe I missed it! Will there ever be another opportunity to buy the tee?

Camille Samson said...

I couldn't resist and bought two of the shirts, loved the design. Would you consider doing an Amy version one? Or one in that retro style with the Doctor and the bowtie...or the fez? :)

Love your work, take care!

Amanda said...

I'm so mad at myself for missing this on Teefury! Any chance you might sell it again somewhere else? :)Love the posters as well!

Anonymous said...

I missed it on teefury :(

I would love to buy one from you!

Anonymous said...

crap im so pissed i missed it on teefury. i would love to buy one

makerofshoes said...

Is there a way to still get the shirt? (I found out about TeeFury so I couldn't get it while it was there.) It'd be totally awesome if I could get my hands on a shirt. Thanks! :D