Thursday, 22 July 2010

Sunsets and Fireworks

Had to post something about my night.

Yesterday, our history tutor mentioned that there will be a huge firework display on down by the river thanks to a group called the Celebration of Light. So we all nodded and said that we would go and check it out if we weren't doing anything.

I walked over the bridge and saw a mass of people herding towards the coast, lining the beaches and crammed into the parks. After walking down I took my seat on a patch of grass in-between two giant sculptures and watched the sun set...

Then a couple of people from the course, plus some game design lot, came and sat with me and we waited for it to get dark enough. We chatted for a while, then as soon as the fireworks started our attention was diverted. We discussed the mechanics of fireworks and how brilliant it might be to have the general public be able to control it. The people next to us where talking about the free popcorn.

It was so cool just hearing the fireworks rumble through the mountains then back behind you. Anyone oblivious to the fireworks behind the mountains would first think of thunder, then an air raid.

Loved every minute. Pixels never do fireworks (or anything) justice, but I tried :)


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