Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Hewitt and Walker's Completion! & Other News

Just got back from the printers this afternoon, which marks the final stage for the Hewitt and Walker History Of Cinema! I am meeting up with Ollie to oversee the final render of the film and burn it, ready to send off!

The design has been ongoing since the films conception, and has seen many different alterations. But this design not only matches the aesthetic of the film, but is in a style that I have been happy with for quite a while. Something of a rarity when you are as self critical as I am!

They look brilliant all folded in the box now. Spend the majority of the night folding them all!

If you want more information on The Hewitt & Walker History of Cinema, then become a fan of us on Facebook! We have around 80 fans already! But be sure to add your name to that select few, and if you like what you see, let us know! :D

In Other News:

• My Blog has been featured on the Official Vancouver Film School Blog! If you look back at previous posts, I did a day by day diary of what I got up to on my Vancouver Film School Summer Intensive. And they liked my blog enough to not only feature it, but give me a free T-Shirt :D Thank you VFS for not only having me, but endorsing my blog.

TeeFury have announced the date that they are going to be producing my TShirt! I won't say exactly what design is going to be printed, but you can probably guess. It will be featured on Friday, August 13 2010. Be sure to go and check out TeeFury in a fortnight to see my design, and if you like it, get a shirt! :D

• I have also uploaded 2 more posters to my Poster Design Blog, one of them being the 3rd in a 4 part Oddworld Poster series focusing on Strangers Wrath, shown below. The other being a Nerdfighters Poster! Visit my poster blog for all of them and more!

More Ameba News as it develops! I am out with Ollie tomorrow, so expect pictures and more news on Hewitt and Walker!

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