Monday, 18 January 2010

What will the world look like in 2100?...

Last year, our course went out with some out of the box voice recorders and recorded the general publics thoughts on a certain subject. We asked them what they thought their city would look like in 100 years time. This would be the starting point of our work to come.

We all got varied answers. From some very specific scientific answers, to rooftop trees, to bio-domes. I got some guy thinking that Blair was still the Prime Minister and a super christian who didn't care because he would be saved by then. But overall a very optimistic bunch those Geordies.

It didn't help that i was wearing a Back To The Future t-shirt. I got a lot of flying cars...

Here is my final animation. Created on a graphics tablet and Pencil, a bit of freeware you can get here, but it worked okay if you know how to work past the bugs. Enjoy!

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