Monday, 18 January 2010

Hewitt and Walker Update

Im working on some ultra top secret packaging for the Hewitt and Walker Directors Cut. The brief was to create some simple designed package that will be easy to put together, cheep to print (design ideally has to fit on an SRA3 sheet to cut costs) but can still hold the disk and any additional material together. I've come up with a design that fits pretty well without looking like an AOL free trial disk you used to get when the internet was young.

So i thought i would include a poster that is included with it! I love working on the grindhouse style of design, you have a specific design language that fits your film, a certain style of typography and colour scheme. It must be the safetynet of working with these strict parameters. Either way here it is!

If you want a copy of the latest Directors Cut of Hewitt and Walker let me know and ill make sure i put you on the mailing list! Included in the new copy will be; The film, informative DVD booklet and 4 limited edition art cards for each film featured in the Hewitt and Walker History of Cinema.

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