Monday, 18 January 2010

Finished University Work!

I handed both my projects in today. Including the 2100 Project i have been posting about. It turned out okay! Got my Matte Paintings printed out professionally and they looked pretty snazzy!

I had to make some modifications to one of my previous videos. If i had more time i could have added more content. I would have loved to have animated the Magpie more than just waving and putting a poncho on.

The project was to make a documentary about Newcastle in 2100. My idea stemmed from the idea of the lack of natural resources, causing a population depletion. For years people looted, stole, hoarded and mankind slowly became more scarce as the food did. The world is now on the road to recovery and small settlements have popped up all over the UK, the biggest of these is Castle, built on the ruins of Newcastle. It features a surrounding wall that keeps out unwanted guests from entering the community. Everyone helps out, and everyone wheres a trademark poncho.
The Documentary is centered around Marvin, who has just been granted asylum into the city. The crew follow his journey from entering the gates, to his living quarters, to how he will inevitably contribute to this extended network of Castle-dwellers.

(click on them to view in YouTube for higher quality)

The infographics act as an Orientation that entrants will be shown, to introduce them to procedures that Castle has and how the city operates. Ive also got some trendy looking opening titles. These all are presented as archive footage that is the property of the city.

Hope you like it! and I'll let you know how i do.

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