Saturday, 14 November 2009


I havn't quite got over my bitterness over Apple's Snow Leopard scenario, but to take the sting away from being raped by a software company, Ive come with some slightly better news.

After we finished the Hewitt and Walker History of Cinema, we sat and hand-glued the DVD Boxsets together and then sent them straight to people that we admire the most in the vein hope they would reply back. And we got a reply! from none other than Adam Buxton!

Me and Ollie have both been big fans of Buxton since the Adam and Joe show back in the 90's, partially inspiring a great deal of our early film work, and now regularly listen (though not at the moment due to a hiatus) to their 6Music podcasts. So this is a big deal for both of us, and we are both VERY grateful that he took the time to watch our DVD, let alone reply to it.

Although now that we have re-watched what Buxton said very nice things about, we feel that the film is lacking somewhat in pacing, the DVD menus could be better etc... So we are planning a new Directors cut, with new features, and hopefully a new film to go with it! Score 1 for us!

So here is a piece of work in progress for the new DVD artwork.

Some trendy symbols in there too :)

So we should have a new Directors Cut of Hewitt and Walker History of Cinema, along with a brand new version of I Love Richard out by next year, I am sure that that will have a lovely DVD cover too.


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