Sunday, 15 November 2009

8 Women, Some University Work

As I said, i had two presentations this last week, one was the 2100 project, see matte paintings and concept art below, the other was some introductory titles for a french film called 8 Women. So for the presentation we had to show development in our ideas, and emulate the style of the film through branding. So I made some film posters...

There are (obviously from the title) 8 Women in the film, each a suspect in a murder. Very Resevoir Dogs in them having a poster each. These posters are to show a style, ideally if the story is about suspects in a murder these can become mug shots, or have the height chart on their colour block. Mainly it was to get the character design nailed. Also my first time (on both the projects) using a graphics tablet. Amazing pieces of technology and can't wait to get my own :D

Tonight: working on some more Hewitt and Walker stuff for the Directors Cut. Will post you some stuff on it when Im done! and more information on how to get a copy!


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