Monday, 23 June 2008

Something Epic

As I have been shouting about the place saying I am a fancy graphic designer, its only fair that i give my loyal(ish) fans something to pick up, take home, treasure and sleep with under their pillow....

This is Something Epic, every now and then you can pick it up, see what I'm up to, see what you can do to help out, or whether I've got a new myspace layout. It also has details on the panda i adopted last month...

... but yeah, you can pick it up at Travelling Man stores so far, ill keep you updated on other places you can find it. Forbidden Planet takes a while to get hold of. Bastards.

Just another page to take a look at, click for higher res image.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Found one of these in Newcastle! good stuff, are you the same guy that did Jezabell all those years ago? whens tat comin out dude???