Monday, 23 June 2008

More film things...

Christ, Im on a blogging roll! Blog fever, i understand what Randall Munroe talks about in xkcd. it all makes sense!

or i could just be pretty bored at work, one or the other.

Either way, this is Death Chair...

Death Chair is everyone favourite B movie, blood, gore and all sorts, plus it was pretty fun to make. Check me out gagged and bound to the chair, if it gets you off please don't email me. I wont give you a job.

Ill also take this opportunity with showing you the finished Death Chair to show you our new myspace page

this is where all our new films will be once we have finished them, keep checking back there to see all the new films, and you can always see them on our youtube channal.

how very formal, again.

Jonny x


Anonymous said...


fucking love grindhouse, this a great trailer...

good work ameba

gtgraphicspock said...

real good tribute to that whole grindhouse genre, worked really well. whats next?