Tuesday, 25 March 2008

My First Blog

Alright Kids!

Being a natural latecomer i hopped onto the Blog-wagon a bit too late, everyone else has hundreds of posts backtracking them from bedroom loneliness to internet stardom. One day there will be a blog movie. Hayden Pennatiere will play "Lonlygirl" or whatever her name is.

Anyways, Ameba Graphics lives again! now with free time to conquer the globe and such i am embarking on millions of projects. miiiiiillllions!!!

Expect news on:
Ameba Comics
Ameba Posters
Ameba Fishcakes

okay not the 3rd, but who knows! Both are in the "pipeline" as the cool hip businesses say. alas, Ameba has not reached its potential Hipness yet.

expect freebies, webcomics, and my general thoughts. like you need to know.

Catch you later! like the fish catches the fisherman.

Jonny @ Ameba

1 comment:

isobelperry said...

Hey Jonny, just to say that I am very excited about the prospect of more comics and freebies and stuff. Keep in touch and I will buy things if I have money because I love you and your work is FABULOUS! xxx